Welcome from Neil Smith, Chairman, Farston Energy:

In the current economic climate alternative sources of energy continue to be a major factor in trying to reverse our negative impact on the planet, making our lives easier and our businesses more efficient and more profitable.

The move away from Fossil fuels is, for various reasons, gaining momentum and increasingly unreliable and costly ‘grid’ energy; the decreasing cost of many ‘green energy’ technologies, more widely accessible project and asset financing structures and improved education around the benefits of such energy are all helping to accelerate this important change.

 At Farston Energy we believe that developing countries in Europe, Africa and Asia represent a major opportunity for developing sources of alternative energy. Many of these countries will be forced to place an ever increasing reliance on such sources of energy as their economies and population continue to expand and place higher demands on existing energy infrastructure. This offers excellent opportunities for a wide variety of project developers and investors who have an appetite for investing in such countries and/or assets.

It is an unfortunate fact that in recent years many alternative energy projects were commenced, having been promoted by enthusiastic sponsors and backed by eager investors, only to fail at various stages of completion. This failure was due to a number of factors including inexperience on the part of sponsors and/or investors and was only exacerbated by the recent financial crisis. We believe that these assets can (in the right hands) be rehabilitated and turned into profitable enterprises. This is especially true in regions such as Central and Eastern Europe.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to discuss specific opportunities.

Neil Smith,